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We have been holding our breath as we watched the numbers of COVID19 infected patients rise steadily in Europe over the past two weeks. And even though reality was setting in, we were still holding out hope that the world competition would go forward somehow. Unfortunately, the right call had to be made by Bing!, and that was to postpone the competition for the sake of everyone’s health and safety. Here’s is the official announcement from Bing!….

Postponement of the Barbershop Music Festival 2020

Dear Visitors, dear Participants, dear Members,

To our sincere regret the Barbershop Music Festival will not take place in the planned and announced way.

We are currently making every effort to find an alternative date.This we will communicate as soon as possible.

We hope for your understanding that this may take a few days, as we have to work out solutions with the venues and many other contract partners.

As we try to postpone the event as a whole, we ask you not to cancel your hotel, flight and train immediately, but to wait for the actual date, as this could possibly save you money. You should, however, contact the hotels and airlines and clarify your options. If you booked a ticket with Deutsche Bahn (German railways), they should reimburse the entire costs. You can find more information here.

We are aware that some of you may not be able to participate at a later date and that hotel and travel costs may have been incurred which cannot be reimbursed. However, we do feel that it is our social responsibility to decrease the risk of infection by cancelling our event at the current time of the pandemic.

With this, we would like to make our contribution to protecting the health of our participants and visitors. Therefore we will not conduct the event in any other, possibly permitted manner.

Registrations and visitor tickets remain valid for substitute events.

Stay healthy.

The Board of Directors

Maximilian Hilz, Lucas Bitzer, Silke Ostendarp, Constanze Jäger, Julia Moldenhauer

BinG! Barbershop in Germany e.V