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Mixology sings a mix of music genres in a mix of arrangement styles. We welcome all humans, just as long as they love music and have some killer pipes. 


Some of our songs are four parts, others are 11+ parts… but ALL of them are fun, challenging and sound amazing when sung a cappella with people who love harmony as much as we do!

Our current repertoire (which is always changing) includes jazz, rock, pop songs from Billy Joel, Bill Withers, David Bowie, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Seal, and musicals such as RENT, Moulin Rouge, Greatest Showman, and You Will Be Found. Mix singers are invited to audition for solo and small ensemble opportunities as they arrise.


We are honoured to have curated a group of inspiring humans with amazing voices – music lovers, music teachers, University music majors, directors, musical theatre actors, and singers from award winning choruses and quartets. Singers in Mix travel to rehearsals from Stratford, Hamilton, Guelph and beyond, with the majority being from K-W area.


Chris Arnold has directed competition and performance choruses for 20+ years, has been a music judge, and has coached in Canada, the USA, Germany, and Russia. His learning tracks and arrangements are used to this day by groups around the world.  


This August, we’re hosting our first auditions in 2+ years! If you’re interested, here’s how it works:

  • First audition is by Zoom, with the director, Chris Arnold. 
  • During this 10 minute session, you’ll sing a song of your choosing, one that best shows off your vocals and range.
  • Chris will take you through a basic range test to get a feel for where your voice is most comfortable.
  • You may be asked to do some basic rhythm exercises to see where your comfort zone is with simple to complex rhythm.
  • If you pass this audition, you’ll be given our audition song (You Are So Beautiful, incl. sheet music and learning tracks) to help you learn for your second & last audition, once you’re ready in September. 
  • While you’re learning the song, you’ll be invited to come to Mix rehearsals to practice with other singers and get a feel for the group
  • Fun link to our Virtual Mixer (because, Covid)
  • More videos of songs & such


  • The cost to be a part of Mix for 2022/2023 Season (Sep-July) is $480.
  • We rehearse Thursdays from 8pm to 10pm – sometimes longer when shows or competitions are coming up.
  • The focus is on great music, fun reherasals, real friendships, and collaborations that betters the group as a whole.
  • There are opportunities for solos within many songs.
  • Travel and other expenses are the responsibility of singers.
  • We are a performance and competition group, formed originally with the goal of scoring top mixed chorus in Canada and a spot in the Worlds in Germany – which we did! In fact, we were invited to compete in Germany twice, but both times it was cancelled due to Covid.
  • We are currently planning to compete in Ontario in Spring.
  • Concerts and shows are produced 1-2 times per year.
  • We also are hired to perform at festivals, events and private functions across SW Ontario.


If you love harmony and want to give Mix a try, email us with your choice of audition window date (options below) and we’ll send you a confirmation with a specific time slot and a Zoom link. 

  • Aug 22, 23, or 24 between 6 and 8pm
  • Aug 29, 30, or 31 between 6 and 8pm

Can’t wait to hear your voice!