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Mixology were the chorus singers for Beauty & The Beast with MAVIS Productions. In fact, it was our last performance of 2023 and ended up being one of the highlights of the year.

Hanging out with the MAVIS cast and crew, singing in the green room, cheering for each performer during their big moments, singing our hearts out during the big moments… Just wow.

It was so good, it tasted like more… And by more, we mean there are two more musicals coming up this spring that MIX will be helping with, one of which is RENT!

Because doing any musical takes additional learning (outside our regular repertoire and performance calendar) plus runs of 2-5 days of performances, not every Mix singer can swing it. So those who can, are getting together at the end of regular rehearsal to make it happen.

Enter MIXtracurriculars (or MIXtras, for short!)

Strictly for the fully musical-obsessed with a clear calendar and, as always, killer vocals, our MIXtras will be doing a select number of upcoming shows in partnership with MAVIS.

If being a MIXtra or coming out to a musical interests you, keep an eye on this website, on MAVIS Productions, or email

Show Dates for RENT with MIXtras

May 2nd-5th, 2024 – Kitchener: The Conrad Centre of Performing Arts)